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The owners of Penny Gun Auction are not just firearms enthusiasts, we are also proud Americans and Veterans. Throughout America's history, the men and women of the U.S. Armed Services have fought and died so that all Americans can enjoy certain freedoms, including the Right to Bear Arms. To thank all those men and women for their sacrifices, through Time for America Foundation, Penny Gun Auction will donate to selected U.S. Military and Veteran's Charities.

Many users prefer Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is NOT recommended - it has displayed auction-specific technical issues. Recommend trying browsers to determine which ones you prefer for your connection. Please install the latest version of your browser for best bidding results - clear your caches & cookies regularly - your system responds faster. iPad users - clear your history & cookies - make sure programs running in the background are turned off (you have to look in settings - they are running if you don't turn them off). Due to browser and Internet connectivity differences, the official winner of each auction will be the one posted on the Winners Page and it may differ from the highest bidder displayed on the actual auction page.

REMEMBER TO REFRESH / RELOAD YOUR BROWSER FREQUENTLY TO VIEW THE MOST ACCURATE BIDDING INFORMATION AND YOUR REMAINING PERSONAL BID COUNT. There are NO bid butlers or automated bidding software used on the Penny Gun Auction website. All bidding is real people in real-time, but there are often many dedicated bidders who will challenge all comers for the firearm they have set their sights on. No Reserve on auctions except for auctions with AR or AK type firearms. Bids not used within 90 days of purchase may be voided. Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: A-.  This rating remains an A- until the website has been online for 5 years. Secure America Corporation LLC, Penny Gun Auction's parent company, has been a corporation for several years - the auction website is under 5 years old. +++